What We Do

Our Approach is Simple: 1. Connect 2. Educate 3. Get You Cool Stuff

BAM! Our job is done here.

But, for those of you who actually need to convince your employer, here’s some fancy language that should do the trick.

National Events Partnership

  • Connects planners and partners in the most effective way possible.
  • Arms planners with knowledge and tools to become an industry powerhouse.
  • Gives you exclusive access to some really cool stuff (ok leave this part out).

How It Works

  • Make a Connection

    We love professional matchmaking. Meeting and event planners want to connect with partners and vice versa. We make this happen – with professionals you actually want to do business with. Simply put, we connect qualified planners with hoteliers, DMC(s), CVB(s), transportation, AV, event designers, travel directors and other companies that help with meeting and event planning needs.

  • Education

    Think you know everything? If yes, then wow, we want you to help lead a session. If not, keep reading. We offer CEU qualified education sessions that are relevant to all planners from newbies to industry veterans. Education equals confidence and we like working with confident people. Don’t you?

  • Exclusive Offers

    We won’t flood your inbox with partner emails. Seriously. We hate when companies do that. You’ll only receive exclusive offers from partners that are relevant to your needs.