Planners know what they want and who they want to do business with. Suppliers/Partners have spent countless hours to develop the optimal strategy to win the business and hearts of planners. Most event showcases are forced appointments, in an open network format, or simply invite any planner and supplier to its forum without any strategy at all. While that can be nice, you will most likely meet with 24+ planners and only end up doing business with one-quarter of them. We want these meetings to be more beneficial, don’t you? Our mission is to match the right partner with the appropriate planner. We have pre-qualified all planners that attend the National Events Partnership Showcase, and they want to do business with you. Upon conclusion of each showcase, the partners will have an opportunity to attend a consultation session and uncover new ways to better position your product/services to the end user.

Why Attend

Because we said so! Yeah, that didn’t work on us either when we were kids.

Let us instead ask a better question. Why wouldn’t you attend the National Events Partnership Showcase?

  • The showcase is tailored and designed with both the planner and supplier/partner in mind. You meet pre-qualified decision makers and walk away with the right connections. (Hidden message: we won’t waste your time).

  • Carefully planned CEU qualified educational sessions will help you drive greater results and maintain your Meeting Planner Certification. If you are not a certified planner, you will still gain valuable takeaways.

  • Don’t worry partners; we also have something for you at the end of each showcase. We surveyed thousands of planners about how a partner/supplier can win their business and will share the results with you.

  • We already mentioned that we won’t waste your time which is why the showcase lasts only four hours (and we feed you twice so we’ll just leave you now with that tasty bit of info).

Partner Consultation Session

We won’t leave our partners off to the sidelines in our showcase – they need love too. Every partner and supplier wants to know the secret to win the hearts of planners – all while driving revenue and exceeding their company goals. At the end of each showcase, our partners will have the opportunity to sit down with our NEPS experienced staff and learn some insiders tip on how to better position themselves and win the business against their competitors.


  8:30 AM: Registration & Partner Set Up

10:00 AM: Partnership Information Exchange

12:00 PM: Lunch, Networking and Gift giveaways

  1:30 PM: Partner Consultation Session with NEPS

  2:30 PM: Event concludes for partners

Common Questions

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