Frequently Asked Questions

The best decision you’ll ever make. Ok, so maybe we exaggerated a tiny bit.

The National Events Partnership Showcase is a half-day, educational and networking event that brings meeting planners and suppliers together. This event is perfect for corporate, association, government, incentive, religious and specialty meeting planners – we love you all. We match the proper supplier with the appropriate meeting planner in a fast-paced and informative setting. Your half-day beings with a CEU certified meeting planner educational breakout. Topics focus on the hospitality and planning industry. Afterwards, you’ll make important connections during the face-to-face supplier/partner showcase. Last, because we know you’re really hungry at this point, we end the day with a networking lunch.

We know you won’t want to leave but, when you do you will have promising partner relationships, innovative solutions, and knowledge for smarter meeting planning. See, we told you we’re a good decision!

Or should we say, “how short is the showcase?” The showcase is a mere half-day commitment that begins with registration at 8:00am and wraps with lunch by 1:00pm.
Great question! The duration of the show is mandatory. The entire show is dedicated to you, so attending just the educational segment or just the lunch wouldn’t benefit you or the sponsoring partners. We have a lot of material to cover and limited seats for each showcase. If you’re unable to attend the entire showcase, we will be happy to register you for a future one.
Business attire is admired, but not required. Let’s be honest, we want all of our attendees to look professional.
You and other important people. Ok ok – we kid – here’s the real answer.

Qualified meeting and event planners as well as suppliers and partners – from all industries and meetings of any size attend NEPS. Important contacts from hotels, DMCs, CVBs, event design, transportation, and technology companies will be there. So you should too.

The planners and only the planners attend the educational session. Our topics are meeting planner related to the hospitality industry and CEU qualified.

Planners: Bring your business cards, because you will be meeting a lot of partners that you will want to do business with. If you have an RFP or meeting request, we welcome those too!.

Partners: Bring pictures, videos or collateral to share with your planners – and it doesn’t hurt to have a little swag for the planners to take with them!

Feel free to send emails to and we will respond to your questions within 24 hours. If you’d like to make a phone call, contact us at 612-295-3040.

Planner Specific

Regardless of position or title, if you plan a meeting for your company – we welcome you to attend. Upon completing the online registration form, we will qualify and invite the suppliers/partners that you wish to do business with.

If your guest plans meetings, then yes. However, they must also complete the online registration form so we can match their desired supplier/partner for the showcase.

We get asked this question a lot. Due to the limited seats available at the showcase, we typically set a limit of one planner per company. However, we realize that large companies have more than one planner managing different meetings. Multiple planners from the same company can attend, however, each planner from the same company still needs to register online – verifying separate programs/clients.

You begin with a quick tour of the sponsoring hotel during registration. Following the tour is a working breakfast meeting with CEU qualified educational topics related to the hospitality and planner industry. After breakfast, you will participate in face-to-face meetings that are 7 minutes in duration with partners you currently do or are considering doing business with. Upon conclusion of the partner showcase, you will have a chance to win gifts from the participating partners and receive your CEU certificate.

Topics are all CEU qualified and related to the hospitality and planner industry. Based on feedback we have received from you (planner), we plan to discuss topics including contract clauses, selling your RFP, AV Hacks, effective negotiating, event budgets and how to minimize risk. We want you to walkaway with insight and knowledge to perform better.
Yes, prior to the show we will send you a list of the participating partners.

Partner Specific

NEPS’ focus is to match the right partner with the appropriate planner. We know it’s difficult to sit in front of a planner that has no business for you, so we do the research for you. Upon completing the online registration form for the city you wish to attend, we will respond and begin the planner matching process. It’s like cold calling without the calling – genius right?

Great question! Due to the limited seats available at the showcase, we ask that only one person should represent your company.
Absolutely! The planners asked for you to be there, why wouldn’t you follow up?